When I read a non-fiction book I like taking notes on the things they impress me the most. I find that there is something useful in almost every book, so even if I don’t necessarily like what I am reading, I try not to ignore the things I find interesting.

I decided to publish my thoughts, along with the quotes that stirred them, in a series of Quotes & Notes blog posts. These are not book reviews or by no means do they try to convey the content of the book. I think each person finds different things interesting and they should read any book for themselves to get the most out of it. These are just thoughts.

Below is a list of books I have took Quotes & Notes on.

Communities of Practice


Agile Testing Condensed

Escaping the build trap

I have taken all precautions to cite everything clearly, but if you are an author of any of the books mentioned here and you feel that there is too much content of your book exposed or any other violation, please contact me so that we can correct that.