Quotes & Notes on “Agile Testing Condensed: A Brief Introduction” by Janet Gregory and Lisa Crispin

The book: Agile Testing Condensed: A Brief Introduction

The authors: Janet Gregory & Lisa Crispin

Collaborative testing practices that occur continuously, from inception to delivery and beyond, supporting frequent delivery of value for our customers. Testing activities focus on building quality into the product, using fast feedback loops to validate our understanding. The practices strengthen and support the idea of whole-team responsibility for quality.

This is the authors’ definition of Agile Testing. To me, the biggest differentiator from other testing definitions is that this one promotes to actively improve quality rather than only inform on the status of quality.

When the whole team is responsible for quality of the product as well as quality of the process, each team member needs to be proactive in solving problems.

Quality coaches might educate, prepare or motivate team members to become proactive.

There are many things to consider around your product domain. It is not only the software you are testing; it is the product that your end users depend on.

I find this advice needs to hold true for anyone working in software development.

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Quotes & Notes on “Leading Quality: How Great Leaders Deliver High-Quality Software and Accelerate Growth” by Ronald Cummings-John and Owais Peer

The book: Leading Quality: How Great Leaders Deliver High-Quality

Software and Accelerate Growth

The authors: Ronald Cummings-John & Owais Peer

Engineering and quality leaders do a good job of telling a technical story, such as explaining the testing activities and how they plan to optimize the development process. Unfortunately, most miss the other side of the story, the part that clearly shows how the work they do adds value to their customers and contributes toward business growth.

Similarly, some times the business doesn’t share with the engineering teams what its goals are in a clear manner.

The person in charge of leading quality inside a company can vary widely.

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