How Product Management can Improve Development Experience

Last week, Abi Noda (DX), Dr. Storey (University of Victoria), Dr. Forsgren (Microsoft Research) and Dr. Greiler (DX) published an article on development productivity, identifying three core dimensions of developer experience that have a direct effect on it. I find that Product Management practices largely affect these three dimensions and it is worth writing down some […]

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Five Tips for Effective Teams

Time after time, whenever I start working in a new team, I find myself gravitating towards the same five practices. I find that once they are in place, our day-to-day work seems to become smoother. Single backlog for all work items One of the first things I do when I start in a new place […]

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Pair Product Management

Pair programming is by now a quite well known development technique. Developers that have tried it out and chose to go with it, report that they learn more, feel more productive and in general get more satisfaction out of their work. Since I am not a developer I thought I would never be able to […]

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Memories of Agile Testing Days 2017

Back in 2017, I wrote an internal blog post about my first visit at Agile Testing Days, called “Are Testers Obsolete? Spoiler Alert, They Aren’t”. Besides the occasional obsolete link, my inability to find the reference to the images (if they are yours please let me know), and my shifting away from testing I still […]

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Are we Done? Really Done?

A couple of weeks ago I had a discussion with my manager whether we can set an initiative that we worked on to “Completed”. We had developed our part and handed it over to another team to consume the changes. But there were good chances that they would come back to us with further suggestions, […]

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